February 5, 2009

Quick, hard two miler

Not the quickest or hardest, actually; but pretty good compared to my normal hill workout - a little less walking this time, and most of that was prompted by skirting construction or sheets of ice.

My routes are very clogged right now. Had to run in the street most of the way.

The hill route (i.e. same as Prospect Park 3.4 mile run, but without the flat stuff after the hills) consists of four uphills: 1) Very mild grade along 30th or 29th street between 4th and 5th aves. This comes early enough in the run that it is sometimes more difficult than the last of the hills. It is 200 meters long. 2) 200 meter medium grade along 24th street between 5th and 6th. I made it up this one today. 3) 200-meter steep grade along 23rd street between 6th and 7th. Had to walk the upper third of this one today. Then there's a mild downhill to 20th street. 4) 200 meter medium-steep uphill along 20th street between 7th and 8th avenues. This is the top of the Slope. I charged this one today, which I haven't done in a long time. Perhaps this means improvement.

Lungs: went from OK to closed up in the space of the first 400 meteres. Gawd. The cold hit and my small airways just shrank right up. Wheezed for most of the run. Bled from my nose, too. Wish I had brought my phone - I would have taken a picture of the minimalist Pollack I made on the salt-whitened pavement: one small green blob of phlegm surrounded by five bright red drops of blood. Managed to get more blood on my running clothes. They're going in the wash. Thankfully, I can wear shorts and much lighter-weight top for Sunday's half.

Running...is not pretty.

What IS pretty is my latest graphic work - advertising for a motorcycle rally:

Yeah, it's a take-off on Shepard Fairey's Obama artwork - but that's part of the strategy: being such a familiar set of colors should result in closer second looks.

Finally, I've moved my blog subscriptions from Bloglines to the Blogger dashboard - hopefully this means I'll be able to keep up with my favorite blogs a little easier. I like that you can subscribe publicly or anonymously. There's some blogs I follow that I don't want the writer to know I'm reading regularly.

Wait. That sounds creepy. That's not what I mean...


Michelle said...

Hey there is a cool website that allows you to download a photo and use a word or two that describes you using Shepard Fairey's artwork. Its fun. Here it is: http://obamiconme.pastemagazine.com/

It's kind of cheesy but its fun. I made 3 of them.

Oh and am I one of the blogs you read but don't want me to know???? :O)

Just kidding! Really I AM????

Sounds like you had a good run. It was mighty cold today!!! So, great job. I wish you did capture your artwork!!! Sounds lovely!!!

Anonymous said...

The poster is great. Very eye catching I think. So, are you going to be there? I'll be in St. Louis working on the Komen Race for the Cure. Can you talk anyone into coming for the Cooper River Bridge Run in April? Be careful with the ice -
Love, Mom

Anonymous said...

23rd street the park ends at 16th street ? I grew up on 12th street