February 14, 2009


I'm not real enthused about Valentine's anyhow, but today was pretty bad. Kinda started last night, when the guest of honor at a party I organized failed to show. How rude. I was left looking like a fool, especially since I'd gone out on a limb with this. So fuck her. Turnout was small, but I enjoyed drinking with those who did show. Unfortunately, one of them, who could be really solid friend-material, has decided she's moving to L.A. So fuck, L.A., too.

I didn't run today. Cloudy and windy when I woke up and I just needed the rest. I'm back at my main work, which one would think is good, but the circumstances are very, very strange. Some timetables have been moved up drastically; it's high-pressure right now. But that could all end abruptly, too, as our clients have all experienced radical personnel changes in management. There's just no predicting the course of this season. Which means there's no predicting my income. So...anyway, just left really tired after the last three days and I needed a day of rest.

There's no girlfriend in the picture right now, so I really didn't want to subject myself to the lovey-dovey couples who'd be strolling around Prospect Park and along the bay today. Fuck them, too.

The one woman who's even remotely more than a friend sent some strange and insulting text messages last night and this morning. We had a bit of a fight over the phone about that. Why do I even bother?

Top it all off with the news that I may be losing my health insurance because some rules changed in 2007... I may have to look for a permanent, full-time position somewhere; something with health coverage. With my medical issues, I don't think Spaeth will take me on (and certainly not right now, when they have cut back existing staff hours and are considering letting people go). This is a bad economy to be a freelancer, but it's also a bad economy to be on the staff-position job hunt, too.

My coughing is increasing again. :(

Look, things aren't all bad. Tuna is back in season for a month or two, I'm able to exercise and will go for a run in the sunshine tomorrow. I have an unexpected training gig on Monday. I'm taking a class at FIT (where I teach) to fill in some missing skills; things I've lost jobs for in the past and which I could learn - so maybe that'll make me more employable. There are horrendously bad horror flicks on SciFi right now.

All in all, I need to make life simpler. Offload some expenses and some responsibilities. To that end, I'm turning off comments on this blog for awhile. Sorry. I'll still post regarding my runs and workouts, but I'm not inviting response right now.

Finally, happy anniversary to my parents.