February 16, 2009

Definitely sick

Woke up this morning feeling worse than when I went to bed. The Nyquil helped me catch some ZZZs, but not enough. I tossed and turned a lot. My bed felt too big. I was either too cold or too hot. No sweating, though. I was scheduled to go do some training today at another lighting designer's office, but after getting up and 6, taking 48 minutes to simply take a shower, and managed to fix breakfast by 7:30, I finally called up the LD and said I didn't think it wise that we do this today. I surely would have shown up, but the quality of education would have been less than if I'm 100%, and I don't want to expose anybody to my germs, if I'm still contagious. We've agreed to reschedule, tentatively for Thursday. My fear is that by then, they may not want the training and will just cancel. (I give that about a 20% chance of happening.)

I do have to go to work tomorrow. :( There's no way around it. We're under a peculiar deadline at Spaeth and we've just got to push through. Fortunately, I won't be in as intimate contact with the other employees as I would be in a training scenario, so I'm not too worried about getting them sick. And we don't share computers.

But for today, I will rest, drink lots of fluids, and venture out far enough to get some TheraFlue and more Nyquil.
Now, speaking of sick guys, remember me mentioning Steve G in California? The guy with severe asthma? His FEV1 is far below mine and yet he still gets out and walks marathons. Well, he has just announced that the Boston Marathon has accepted him as a disabled athlete and will be doing Boston this year! Amazing. Best of luck, Stephen.

Well, he's managed to