January 26, 2009

a little more product photography

Had another crack at the Ghirardelli box.

Also tried some macro photography with this little glass bottle I found in my crawlspace. I used a Kenko extension tube and a 50MM lens. The extension tube lets you get very close to your subject and still focus.

This little bottle has an interesting history. From what I could read off it, it was made by G.I. Hood & Co, Lowell, Mass. The other side says "Hood's Pills Cures All Ills". Some research on the web leads me to believe this held 100 little "liver pills", which were basically junk medicine at the time, but were very popular. The old plant still exists. The bottle dates to about 1903-1905, which is just after when my house was built. I also found an old women's periodical up there, but since it is so old, I will take it first to a conservator at the NYU or Public libraries and see about the best way of keeping it from just flaking into dust, now that I've removed it from the warm, dry crawlspace. It is very brittle. Pics of it once I can figure out how without destroying it.

And here's me. This is the body the other runner commented on? Pfft.

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Michelle said...

Nice photos!!! Interesting about that bottle!! I hope you can preserve the magazine so you can photograph it too!!!

Looking good there dude!!!