October 27, 2008

rough 4 miles

Was advised not to do eight miles today, just six. Didn't quite make that. These four miles felt very, very difficult. I hope this is not a preview of race day.

Speaking of which, the stakes have been raised. I can't tell you why just yet, but they have definitely been raised. It is important I finish the marathon and that I do so smiling.

Six more days.


Anonymous said...

You are right! I need another pictures for my wall - you with a smile! Do whatever you can and know that we love you! How long would it take me to walk that far -like 10 hours or more? You'll get it done. Think positively and take your Advil!
Love you, Mom

nyflygirl said...

good seeing you at the expo today!! (this makes 3 years in a row...hehe.) have a GREAT race on sunday!! :)

DebbieJRT said...

have a good race, Chris. All the best!