June 23, 2008

another catching up post

god... let's see...

You know about last Sunday's 5-miler and how well the five miles went, comparatively, but then didn't go no more to the full eight. OK.

Monday - workout at gym. 30 minutes on stationary bike, 35 pushups, 25 pullups (!), stretching, foam rolling, etc.

Tuesday - after work run to City Hall. didn't even complete the entire 4.5 miles, technically. Shortcutted it to the City Hall N train station, instead of going around the block as usual. Was just a hot, miserable run with plenty of walking. I'm not getting better at this, I think.

Wednesday - would have loved to have run after work - perfect weather. So... got home and went running anyway. A hard two miler, just up to the bank and back, but what a two miles! I was really pushing my pace and was probably turning in 8:45 or 9:00 miles, even with traffic pauses. And it felt good.

Thursday - long run home from work, all the way down to and over the Brooklyn Bridge. Didn't go all the way to the Court Street station as usual on that route - cut it slightly short and got in at High Street station. Regretted that due to train delays and bad transfers. Should've gutted out the extra half a mile above ground. :( Still...5.5 miles, lots of walk breaks, but the distance got done.

Friday, rest. worked ten hour day at work. Dark before I got home.
Saturday, slept very late. Felt like shit. Aching in all my joints and my abdomen. Rest and Tylenol.
Did go out with a friend Saturday night. First to Bubble War in Times Square, then to an Italian restaurant in Williamsburg. Had a great time.

Sunday, same picture. Still had to get some miles done, though. After the tylenol kicked in, I got out about 1:30. Five miles; should have been eight. At this rate, I'm not going to be trained up for the NYC Half. And at the end of this week, I have to start training for the NYC Marathon! I know the summer weather has this effect on me, but it's depressing. I've got to have some better runs and have to start meeting my mileage goals on the long runs.

I'm currently in Toronto, just about finishing up setting up an impromptu computer lab for three days of teaching. Boss and I are going to have to have a long talk before anything like this happens again.

A few pictures from the Bubble War:

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Anonymous said...

Love the bubbles. Everyoone is happy with bubbles. Are you going to go see the 4 fountains/art works when you get home? RUN RUN RUN. We love you,