April 2, 2008

footpod croak

That sounds like the name of a really good band, doesn't it? "Footpod Croak! Limited engagment at Rain Ballroom! Tickets on sale April 20th!" Sadly, "footpod croak" is merely the name of today's blues.

Went out for my typical 3.4 mile hills-to-the-park loop and discovered that my footpod's battery died somewhere between Orlando and Nassau, or maybe on the way back. So I don't have the distance recorded, only the time: 34:50 - or just barely slower than a 10 minute/mile pace. I'm quite pleased with today's run - nice and continuous, with only two moments of having to stop for coughing and the same for traffic pauses. Kept up a good pace, even tackled all the hills well.

Perhaps this was influenced by the gloriously-sunny weather. On the cool side; but my running pants were in the wash, so I went in shorts and two tops, stocking cap, and gloves...and was very comfortable throughout. Perfect gear combo for the temperature and probably what I will run in tomorrow and for Sunday's half-marathon, too.

If Sunday goes as well as this morning's run - with slowly improving pace throughout and great tolerance for tired legs - then I stand to come in at 2:10 or so, perhaps notch a second-best run. If things go insanely well, like with a strong wind at our backs for the last four miles, I MIGHT even P.R. We'll see.

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