February 25, 2008

I am enjoying this sunny weather

2.9 miles today. Started out as an awful run - strictly a recovery run I was planning to cut short at 2 miles. I did go to the hills, though, and as usual, by the time I was jogging up the third hill, I didn't need to walk any part of it. That one hill I can almost always charge. I continued on to the 1.5 mile mark, then turned around for home, taking a little different route. Wound up doing the last mile of the run at a pretty nice pace and it felt good. Wouldn't have had even a pause in that last mile if it hadn't been for traffic.

I can't believe the traffic. Contrasting a Monday to a Sunday around here is like contrasting a whorehouse to a monastery.

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Scott said...

If you ever hear a small voice cheering for you, it's probably me hacking your shoes. :)

Love the site!