January 31, 2008

I am so freakin' stressed

I am so stressed right now. It's one of those "when it rains, it pours" weeks. You haven't heard from me since my long run last weekend because I've been out of town painting my scenic design for Guys and Dolls. Unfortuantely, I didn't get far enough that the scenic painter can finish it up by herself. So I need to go back out to New Jersey and finish. When will I have time to do this? Oh, next week! Or the week after! It doesn't matter, because I've had two teaching gigs canceled out from under me and my time is all freed up. Not only am I out approximately $2000, but had I known I'd NOT be teaching at this point in time, I'd have done the lighting design for Guys and Dolls instead and I wouldn't be faced with going through the hell of hand-painting 432 square feet of faux brick walls. And not vertical walls, either, but curving-overhead walls. You see how my problems are dove-tailing here?

Add in the fact that while painting, I slipped off a rung of a ladder and strained my right achilles and my stress level is deepening. The strain is bad enough I didn't run at all Wednesday and didn't make it up today, so that's my first dropped run since I began this training cycle. I will do my core exercises tonight and my TKEs, so hopefully that will relieve some of my stress and hopefully my ankle will feel good enough to run on for a three-miler tomorrow evening.

THAT run may have to be done at the gym on the treadmill. It's supposed to be raining and I'm NOT running in the rain. Today would have been a perfect day to do the run...except for the ankle.

Part of my career is building course content for some training seminars I teach. This is all good, except that it really is drudge work and getting my word documents transformed into completed, formatted PDFs for the workbooks is in another person's hands - and she screwed up, melding two sets of instructions from two generations of a tutorial, so that the instructions don't make sense now. I've sent her some corrected info, but I may just have to sit down and retype the entire thing from scratch and tell her not to use ANY materials from older generations. I don't mind doing the work - I get paid well for it - but I hate having to do it twice, or that her mistake somehow constitutes MY emergency!

And it's almost tax season. I feel like I just GOT my taxes done, since I had to sit down and do a Schedule D I forgot for 2006. Turbotax seems to think that won't affect my overall taxes one way or another for 2006, so I guess that's good, but now the documents for 2007 are rolling in and I just hate this season.

So whatever happens tomororw, I look forward to Saturday, where I am doing eight miles in Central Park - 2 of the 4-mile middle loops. That means 2x Cat Hill. I'll probably jog to the meeting point as a warmup so I can tackle Cat Hill with some gusto. I have arranged with some new prospective running partners to meet and run with them and I really do need the help with pacing that that will provide. A little conversation wouldn't hurt either. I hope it isn't raining. Currently, the weather calls for partly-sunny and around 50 degrees. Sounds like Saturday could be the PERFECT day for a run.

Well, stay tuned.

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