January 7, 2008

I am not acclimated to these warm temps

It hit 63 degrees here today. 20 degrees three days ago and now 63 degrees. I'm not ready for temperature swings like that.

I guess the long run yesterday hit me harder than I'd thought. I woke up this morning after sleeping fitfully. I'd been coughing in the night and had had to take some Chloriseptic to calm that down. I didn't sleep well. I got up and felt like shit. Some kind of groin pull, no energy, etc. I nearly skipped all exercise and called it a rest day. After all, rest days are built in to the schedule my sister gave me, but I had filled them in with more core exercises. I am reconsidering my schedule. I may take one core exercise day a week and combine it with a running day, so as to free up a day for real rest.

Still, after a cup of coffee and some breakfast I felt a lot better and managed to get up enough energy to go outside. I didn't do the full three miles, though in retrospect, I can't figure out why not. 'Tis true, I was wasted at first and I took the whole thing in at a slow, slow jog. I made this one a trip to the post office and bank. I felt pretty good in the last mile - nicely steady and all that. Very brief halts for traffic, but no walking.

When the run is short, the graph looks more dramatic than it is. I am definitely shutting off the altimeter function for the next few runs.

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