December 3, 2007


Very consistent run today, despite a harsh wind difficult to run in. The temperature was 48, so I didn't have to wear as much clothing. Got in a solid 3 miles. I think the Nike+ thing is about 5 percent off. I believe my run was an honest 3 miles, but no more than that.

Lungs cooperated mostly. I consistently jogged four blocks, walked one. On the way back, I was able to get in a few five-block stretches and the whole last half mile was continuous. Some of my coughing I could run through, but other times was hands-on-knees, hunched-over-hacking-away. This is why the pace chart is so inconsistent, I think. Well, that should get better as my body gets trained up again.

Old pains in the knees are back; they're quite welcome right now. Nothing a little advil can't handle.

Will run next on Thursday, just prior to a doctor's appointment and pulmonary function tests; hopefully that will help the PFTs be just as good as possible. On the 15th, there's a 4-mile race in Central Park. I should be able to handle that, even if I won't yet be running continuously.

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runliarun said...

A day when you are halfway content is a rare thing and good to come across.