December 31, 2007

I am facing new beginnings

The end of the year; one last run, but one beginning something all new.

Got over three miles done today and my training program is officially kicked off. I'm not thrilled with how unsteady the run was - lots of walking. You can see that in the heartrate part of the graph, up in the rainbow colored bands. Other parts of the graph are elevation, cadence, and pace. Very windy today, hard to work against it. Perhaps Wednesday's run will turn out smoother.

It is the beginning of my training program and I'm nervous. I feel like this is my first time. Only the first time around, I could do 3 miles without stopping by the time I began training.

I'm trying to catch up to all those New Year's resolutions I failed to follow through on this year, many of which will help me become a better runner. I better get into the good habits now, while I still have time and I am not consumed by work.

I also began using a new medication today, which involves a whole new nebulizing system. I was on colistin many years ago and it hurt my throat and caused asthma attacks and so was taken off of it. But with my asthma management I've got now, perhaps it will be better for me this time around. Colistin is an every-other-month twic-daily treatment, with the in-between months filled in with TOBI, as I have done for many years. And it doesn't have to be kept cold, like TOBI. However, it does have to be mixed fresh from powder for each use - which involves a lot of syringes and wipes. It involves a unique nebulizing system, that uses a vibrating mesh screen to mist the medicine, rather than compressed air through a small hole. The new system is literally whisper-quiet and is very fast, needing no more than nine minutes for the colistin treatment. But it has a lot of parts and requires careful cleaning each time. There's a lot of stuff surrounding use of this medication - and it will complicate travel. My days of not having to check my suitcase are over - at least in the odd months.

With the new training schedule, potentially meeting a running partner this coming weekend, determined to get some core training worked in, and now on this whole new medication and nebulizing system, I am feeling a bit overwhelmed. I failed to get down to the surface of my desk by the end of the year, as I'd intended, but MAYBE by the end of the week.

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runliarun said...

I cannot read all these graphs. But starting training is good. Have a good New Year, even better than the last!