October 7, 2007

I am getting sick

sigh....where to start? Maybe I should start with the surprise visit from one of my exes. She and I have remained good friends and I've helped her career to some extent. She has been working in Baltimore on an opera and flew down to New York for a couple of days. I was under the impression we were just meeting for lunch or dinner today; she was under the impression she is staying at my place for a couple nights. *sigh* I rarely have such miscommunication.

Well, it's not all bad. I've been wanting to have a house guest as an excuse to stock an Aerobed again. After my friend and I had lunch at a sidewalk cafe (it's a New York thing and she's very much in love with being back in New York), I went to BB&B while she went wedding dress shopping. NO, not to me! I briefly met her fiancee several months ago by chance in the subway and he's a great guy. Anyway... I got the premium model this time, though just the twin size. It's actually quite good and I think my friend will be comfortable for the next couple nights. My kitchen almost looks like a real bedroom right now. More so than my livingroom/bedroom, where my matress is still on the floor, after many months of promising myself to put a down payment on an Inova Sofa Wallbed. It just isn't square for a bachelor of my age to be sleeping on a matress on the floor.

So. she's still out, I'm needing groceries, I lace up my running shoes to run to the grocery store. I have been feeling less than 100% all weekend and so made today a very short run - almost a direct line. I say almost because I ran up to Sixth Ave and took that across to 9th street - a route I've never actually run before. I found it far more pleasant than running 5th or 4th aves.

This run was unreasonably hard, lungs-wise. Those dips you see in my pace chart map nicely to the spots in the road where you'll currently find two or three fresh blobs of phlegm. Gross, but true. Ironically, my legs felt fine, considering they were still in warm-up mode - but it was my lungs had control of me. I finished this run at the grocery store with a moderate headache. I don't think I'm dehydrated, but that's possible, I guess. It's also quite possible my sats were dropping too far. I have no way of checking that while running, right now.

I'm just having a hell of a time. I began feeling unwell on Friday and it is continuing. Monday, I will call and get an appointment at my new clinic, even though my insurance has not approved them and has approved some other place I've never heard of. I'll have to call insurance and ask how I can appeal so that Columbia is covered. This first appointment, though, will be a Point of Service visit, so it will cost me plenty. :(

Lastly, the weather is just not cooperating. It MUST get cooler this time of year! Instead, things have been warming up. And still humid. And with no rain, the air is terribly dirty. Things have got to change.

As a last note, I'm not the only one suffering, I know. In fact, the Chicago marathon was cut short due to heat. Amazing, and very sad about the one fellow who perished.

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