September 5, 2007

I am in training...for something

Well, today's run went well. Overall, I'll give it 4 apples, even! The first three miles were hard, but not in an "I wanna die" way. My lungs did OK and I had energy, but my legs were really super tight. I had to stop and stretch several times, which threw off the timing on my iPod. I very nearly had calf cramps, too, and that would've killed the whole run. But a good run, especially in the last mile and a half, and a lot of lung clearance goodness.

my sensor dropped out again, like the old one used to. As this is a new Nike+ sensor, I conclude the problem is not with the sensor, but rather with the receivor or my Nano. I suspect that having been my near-constant running companion and being carried around in bags and pockets for two years (more?) has not helped. the dock connector sometimes doesn't make good contact just charging - so I'm not really surprised it isn't making contact with the receiver constantly.

A a result, the Nike+ results aren't correct. I went out for a 4-mile jog and got in a very solid workout of 4.46 miles in about 50 minutes. I ran from work on 54th street, down the West Side Highway to Chambers street. I had intended to stop there, but I was feeling pretty good. After shutting off the now non-recording iPod, I continued across to the red sculpture at the end of the Brooklyn Bridge on the Manhattan side, where I'd ended Monday's run. It felt good linking the two runs together. The half mile across to that sculpture (far side of City Hall Park), I spent the first portion, about 1/4 mile, running at near-sprint. I just for once had the energy and made a game of dodging the terrified civilians non-runners. Then I slowed down a bit to cool down in the last few hundred yards of my run. I was tempted to tackle the bridge but... too much too soon can get me injured.

Now, it looks like the rumours were true: Apple announced today all-new versions of the Shuffle and the Nano, as well as the iPod Touch - an iPhone without the Phone, near as I can tell. I'll wait another few months until they release the 16GB iPhone (its only a matter of time); but if YOU can't wait for the iPhone, they did drop the price of the 8GB by a couple hundred dollars! (And have discontinued the 4GB version.)

In the meantime, considering my current Nano troubles, I will go to the Apple store tomorrow and check out the new Nano, make sure it is compatible with Nike+ and then ask for the black one for my birthday. :)

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