June 6, 2007

Apple rating system

I've been thinking that maybe I should start rating my runs in terms of Apples, say...with 5 Apples being outstanding, and 0 Apples being my very worst disaster-type runs.

Today's West Side Highway run was a total of 4 miles, but was only 2 Apples. I just couldn't breathe. No, sorry, make that, "I just couldn't fucking BREATHE." I have no idea why my breath was OK last weekend, but I couldn't keep my wind up today. In a total reversal of my usual running pattern, mile one was pretty good, only one short bit of walking and coughing, and it just devolved from there. By the time I passed 34th street on my way back (one mile left), it was as much walking as running. The coughing in the first three miles didn't help. I was bringing up all kinds of phlegm and it just sucked, especially since it was windy. Yeah, my aim was pretty off today. But in mile four, it just came down to running out of oxygen. Try running while holding your breath and you'll see what I mean. By the end of the run, my lungs hurt and I was wiped out. All I can think is What The Fuck?

The silver lining is that my legs were good to go. Even after spending all day yesterday in dress shoes, my legs really weren't all that tight, they loosened up well, no pain... amazing. So because of that, this run was 2 Apples instead of 1.

I did have ample opportunity to critique the driving skills of my fellow New Yorkers. What a miserable bunch of idiots we've got. It's as if the laws and the rules of the road were suspended today. Hell, it's like that every day. I think it's time to start a letter-writing campaign to the city council - it's time to up the ante, get a lot stricter about violations, stricter about qualifying for a license at all, institute mandatory written and driving tests every five years, and institute HOV rules for the island of Manhattan. The mayor's congestion pricing plan? Oh, yeah, two thumbs up. Hey, I'll be subject to paying more for my commute on my motorcycle and I'm STILL all for it! But we've got to go a lot further if we want to safeguard pedestrians and cyclists.

Before I go, once again, my shoes are awesome. I am so in love with the Adrenaline 7's. Also, I am going to go be a volunteer at the Women's Mini 10K on Saturday. Guess I'll put in my long run Sunday morning. Won't have time before the volunteer thing Saturday, and they feed us after, so... :)

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Chelly said...

I ran the Mini-10K and wish I'd read your blog and known you were going to be there. I'd have looked for you -- I had plenty of time to with my sucky time.