May 25, 2007

West Side Highway again

The weather's getting hot. Today is on the edge of bad and is certainly too hot to run this afternoon. Well, I got out on Wednesday after work, at least, and did 3.75 miles, according to gmaps pedometer, along the Westside Highway, from 54th street to 20th street and back. I aim to extend that Wednesday run by about a quarter mile or so every week. Eventually, the Wednesday evening runs may turn into my weekly long runs. On the other hand, it IS getting hot. Long runs may have to move to weekend mornings again.

The run itself was amazingly good. My lungs really cooperated - only two coughing fits. I walked only twice. Well, one was a stretch stop, actually; my leg muscles were extremely tight. Something about my chair where I'm working is being unhelpful in that regard. I was able to stretch out enough to run despite the pain and just like clockwork, my leg muscles started to loosen up and feel better as I passed the 3-mile point. 3/4 of a mile were pretty good; nice pace, felt strong.

Once again, I want to highlight how amazing my Adrenaline 7's are. I even went and bought a second pair yesterday so I can start breaking them in (and have shoes to change into at work instead of wearing my motorcycle boots all day).

It is Fleet Week and we have a couple of ships in town, though not an amazing amount of them. Mostly I see Navy walking around (esp on the WSH where their ships are docked), but I've seen a couple of Marines and took the time to thank them for their service. I also saw a rarity: a skinny Marine.

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runliarun said...

A skinny Marine is a rarity? I never knew that.

It's hot here too, and the summer hasn't even reached full strength yet. I plan to get up this Sunday at 5 am to get a big run in.