May 3, 2007

half-marathon considerations

Did a short run this morning. Got up at 5 and managed to slowly wake up enough to put in 2 miles before 6. They were not the greatest miles and I was coughing up so much junk. By the end of the run I was feeling pretty warmed up, though, and could have gone longer if I hadn't run out of time. I've got to find a way to wake up faster if I want to be putting in 4 miles in the mornings. I have to start my regular morning routine at 6 if I'm to get to work on time, so there's only the very early morning option.

I'm debating whether to sign up for the NYC Half-Marathon. I ran it last year and had my issues with the route and setup. I am pissed that it's now lottery entry and that there's no way for an average Joe (who isn't going to fundraise) to earn a guaranteed entry slot. It's hideously early because that's the only way to avoid the heat of August and getting to the baggage trucks at the end is (was) the biggest pain in the ass.

I don't want to come off as sounding picky or elitist, here. I feel the race setup was deeply flawed. But for all that, the run itself was a good one for me and I'd do it again.

But then there's the entry fee. I don't mind the $5 it takes just to apply for the entry lotto, but if I get accepted, it's $65. Yikes. That's a lot of money for a route I can run myself any day of the week. Maybe I should let it go and be content with the other half-marathons I have access to here. I have until the 16th to decide.

I do need to get signed up for Healthy Kidney 10K, though - very important.


Matt said...

I have similar feelings about the NYC Half-Marathon. I enjoyed running it last year, but if I don't get selected in the lottery this year, I won't upset about it. I am looking forward to the Healthy Kidney 10K. Discounted registration ends Saturday.

runliarun said...

Is the NYC Half-Marathon one of those with thousands of people? The half I did in Arizona this past January was like that, and I felt the crowd somehow detracted from running.