April 25, 2007

i repeat, this is just the beginning

Got out for a short run this morning, not even two miles. But still - it represents the first time I've gotten up early for a mid-week morning run in ... months, I think. A major victory for me. Still, it means being in bed by 10. Looks like I can have either enough energy to run or my Daily Show and Colbert Report, but not both.

The run itself was bad. My legs felt like stumps, not working well, not feeling strong - for the first time in a while, I needed ibuprofen after this run. And my lungs were certainly productive! The air was good and it was easy to breathe, but I was coughing up more junk in this short run than I did on the weekend for 4 miles. Maybe this is exactly what I need. Well, though it was bad, it's a beginning. Back to training.


Steve said...

Good to see you back!

Neese said...

it's always rough in the beginning, you'll find your groove after awhile!

Anonymous said...

I kind of like that stumpy leg feeling. It lets me know I really pushed myself.

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