January 6, 2007

Riot of Spring

What an interesting and unusual day it was! We reached a high of 72 degrees, tying for the record. It being a Saturday, everyone and everybody was outside - on the sidewalks, on the stoops, and especially in the parks.

Like the 13th-15th sections of Rite of Spring, there was little organization and a whole lot of life just happening. It was as if the hippies and bears had all broken their hibernation for a moment to soak up some vitamin D. And judging by the display of pale skin everywhere, they needed it!

I tried to keep my run to a 5K today, really I did. I just don't want to do anything stupid and aggravate my shins or knees before next weekend. At this point, either I'm in shape enough to last a half-marathon, or I'm not. I think I am, though it will not be easy (are they ever?) and as previously noted, will not be a PR.

But the park beckoned so strongly and it was so nice to see so many people out, especially the kids. Lately on my runs, it has been easy to imagine I am the only runner in the city, but not today! I reached the park and continue on into it, for the first time in a couple of months. (Honestly, I should have done a long, FLAT run today, but what the hell.) I didn't do the whole park loop, but took the short crossover then went up the big hill, back over to ninth street and down to the grocery store, for a total of 4.25 miles. A little longer than intended but aside from some twinges in the joints, no harm done.

I did have trouble on the hills today. It wasn't an energy issue, but perhaps a combination of being dehydrated from yesterday and the high humidity in the air today. I coughed up a ton of junk.

Anyway, though we've also set some record for the longest period without snow, we are supposed to be snowed on by the end of the month. We'll see, eh? Guess I'll have to stop in this week and pick up some salt for the sidewalk out front and put it and my snowshovel in the hallway.


Laurie said...

70 degrees in January is awesome. I do not blame you for taking advantage of it and running through the park.

Good luck next week!

Lora said...

Hanging on the stoops...gosh I miss Brooklyn!!

Good luck at the Half...I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you!

Chelly said...

i changed my long slow run to yesterday just to enjoy the weather. the last two miles out of 10 was pretty hard though. not sure if it was because of the mileage or the heat since when I got home it was 71 degrees. I love that!

runliarun said...

New Mexico has more snow than it can use. Do you want some? It might melt during delivery though, he, he. Life happening, people in parks, that is always moving, somehow.

Uptown Girl said...

Good luck in Houston! I suppose last weekend could be used as a sample of the weather to expect?

Janice said...

Just wanted to let you know I tagged you with a meme. Sorry if it's not your thing. I meant no harm:)

Steve said...

Odd weather we're having.
A high of 72 in New York and a high of 49 here in San Francisco.

Much luck at your half Cris!