January 4, 2007

good run today

I had a very good run today. It didn't qualify for a great run - no blood - but it was good. Coughing, sweating, dry heaves, wet heaves - grape flavored - which is odd because I haven't eaten anything grape-flavored...you get the picture.

Tried to keep it to 2.5 miles, but was really feeling good, especially after the first half mile. I warmed up really quickly and at one point on what I think of "the longest hill" (and it's steep, too), I was maintaining a 9:20 pace. Up hill. I can't manage a 9:20 pace on level ice shot out of a cannon, but there it was: good run.

Instead of heading back immediately at my turn-around point, I headed up another couple of blocks and kept recrossing the Prospect Expressway, finally going around a school I didn't know about before heading back up to the top of Sunset Hill and then down the west slope toward my house.

Have I mentioned before how much I love the view of the bay as I head down 25th and 26th streets? The Statue of Liberty is perfected framed between the trees that line the streets and it can be an exhilirating couple of blocks.

Ended up running 2.8 miles over 31 minutes - which of late is a great overall pace. (The first mile of any of my runs is exceedingly slow; I can usually get to a sub-10:00 pace in the second half of a run.)


Laurie said...

Ewwwwwwwwwww. Blood should not be involved in great runs.

I am glad you are feeling better and your runs are going well.

I wish I could see the Statue of Liberty. Period. Let alone when I run, if I could. You are fortunate.

Neese said...

would you consider bringing your camera along next time you'll go down 25th and 26th? likely better in person, sounds awesome

runliarun said...

The good runs - where do they come from? I cannot believe you are traveling as far as Houston for the half-marathon. I guess I am not fully converted yet.

Ben, aka BadBen said...

Keep running and have a good 2007.

- Bad Ben
Flat-footed severe asthmatic.