December 8, 2006

quick notes

Geez. I guess I'd better be happy with the couple of weeks "off" of work I've had, because that has come to a screeching halt overnight. I got four calls for work in two days. Nothing lasting too long, but all paying decently for what they are. In short, I'm up to my eyeballs again - until about the 16th of December.

And let me just vent a little about holiday greeting cards. I have received ONE so far this year. That's it. And it's from a COMPANY I did some work for; not a personal contact. I realize December is young yet and I haven't even sent mine out, but I figure I'll get half a dozen more, all from family, and that'll be it. This is why I don't send cards out like I used to: because none of my friends or colleagues can be bothered to put me on their card list. I know this isn't a fair-trade market or anything, but still - after you have a received a card from me three years running and have never sent me one, not even an e-card, then why the hell should I send you any more? Look, we used to be great friends, and I really would be interested in seeing pics of you, your wife, and little rascals all dressed up in matching snowflake-pattern sweaters; but if you haven't realized that by now, then fuck you.

Three runs mid-week. Monday's is already documented.

Wednesday's was another 5K. I should have done five miles, but I really didn't want to push these shins too hard. Neese might be right. Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation, right? Overall time there was slower than Monday's run, even though I feel I ran just a little faster, a little smoother. I think it was the traffic - I kept having to pause at corners to figure out who wouldn't be running me over first.

Today, I just ran out of time. Spent two hours in town getting briefed on another drafting gig and got home just in time for the sun to start setting. It's freezing outside, for the first time this winter, and the wind is bad. Still, I togged up in extra layers and went out. I had to cut this run to a fast 20-minute run because of calls I had to make before 5:00 (and I just got off the phone with the last of them), but I feel it was a good workout. Definitely a better pace, smoother, and only minor pain. Sure, maybe if it'd been a longer run, the pain would have increased, but recently the shin splints have been there from 1/4 mile onwards - but not today.

I am planning a long run of 18-20 miles on Sunday, running gods willing, and am debating putting in a slow, ginger five tomorrow. For some reason, hills are being good to me these last couple of weeks and I want to take advantage of that while I can. I'm supposed to do the 10K race on Sunday, but most definitely won't be racing it, if I go at all. I may just use the occasion as an excuse to go to Central Park for a run and collect another t-shirt.

BTW, next weekend's 15K is now a 10-miler, "due to construction". WTF?

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runliarun said...

It's not that those people did not put you on their card lists. It's that they don't have a card list no more. The world is going digital, impersonal, and overboard.