November 9, 2006

updated training schedule

Okay, so NOW I'm getting nervous. More than I can chew? Well, I hope all my friends will look this over and give me some advice. I'll be upping my weekly mileage by a lot, compared to the last month, but with a lot of running on the cinder paths and plenty of ice for the knees, I think this schedule is doable.

I'm apprehensive about speed work. I'm going to get a watch and do these right. Really try to keep an eye on my pace and all. I'm not concerned about my time in Houston so much as running it comfortably and steadily, so I haven't put in any particularly fast speedwork, but enough of long intervals and tempos to get me going.

So. Feedback on the schedule? Suggestions for a training watch with heartrate and distance monitoring?

Also, anybody ever hear of or use these water-repellent socks?

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