November 19, 2006

Landed in Toronto

Well, I've been in Toronto for two hours, now, 90 minutes of which was spent getting to my hotel. Apparently, Torontoans are even more holiday-obsessed than Americans and roll out Santa Clause, trees, and trimmings earlier than we do. Several of their main drags in downtown area were closed off for their Santa parade and the resultant traffic jam, as well as the deeply urban mixed-use type of scenery, really reminded me of Elizabeth, NJ.

My legs...well, geez, what was I expecting? I knew after ten miles yesterday that I'd pay for the additional three today, and I am. Not so much pain that I was willing to pay airport prices for painkillers, though. but since I did leave my magic bottle of painkillers at home (mixed ibuprofen, Tylenol, Excedrin, and Alleve), I'll have to track down a CVS or something here.

But first there are other things to find, such as the venue where I'm teaching tomorrow. And I need to check out the sushi/teppanyaki joint next door. And I'm mildly amused that from my room, I have a great view of a bustling downtown metropolis...with a stripjoint front and center, across the street. Brass Rail: "totally nude female interactive dancing" the sign says. Having not seen a nude female in some time, I am powerfully tempted....

but hey, this is a family friendly running blog, so no more on that!

If anybody's in Toronto and wants to get together, I have all of Thursday free; my flight doesn't leave 'til 6:15. I want to run the lakeshore or something or maybe just see some sights.


Janice said...

Hi Brooklyn -- Sorry, but I don't live in Toronto. I used to & still wish I did. You must be staying on Yonge Street -- can't think of which hotel offers a view of the Brass Rail, but I know where it is. If you get a chance, a run down Bayview from Sheppard is kind of nice. I also used to run along Kingston Road in the east end. Hilly, but fun. I'm a city person who loves the hub-bub, so I avoided the paths & trails. Enjoy your stay in my favourite city:)

Anonymous said...

Every time I check up on you, seems like you're in a different country.
I'm jealous.

Beast said...

family friendly running blog - A totally nude female is generally a prerequisite to starting a family. What's the problem?

Lora said...

Have fun in Toronto! Be careful with the night life tho! ;) But do check out that sushi place and give us a report!

Hope your legs feel better soon!

Anonymous said...

Hope you manage to get in a good run--it must be exciting running in another country :)