November 7, 2006

just logging a short run

Getting back in the habit of regular running is the hardest thing. Procrastination is so easy. It wasn't the run that was the problem; it was getting started!

But I did get out of the house today on this beautiful day and go for what was supposed to be a fast 5K. Turned into 2 1/2 miles because of my right ankle not-so-gently reminding me that I probably went out too fast. My running has been based in long, slow running, using the first three miles as warmup. I tried a warmup jog first today - a few blocks with pants on - the put on shorts and tried to do 9 minute miles. Hah. Riiiiiight. Back to the drawing board if I want to craft some speed workouts, cuz what I did today was just dumb.

No matter, though. I'll be putting in five miles tomorrow morning in Central Park and I've already had ice on my knees and ankle for almost twenty minutes now and they feel loads better. And I can tell the physical therapy is working, too. My foot placement is much surer, especially once I really am warmed up.

Of supreme important, though, I got out and cleared out my lungs. I'm in a cycle of late-night rehearsals in the theatre for the next two weeks and - as I noted several times to the house electrician yesterday - there's more dust in that theatre's air than ever. So it's important to go out and make myself cough. (Speaking of which, I did a lot of that, too - hills remain difficult because deeper breathing triggers coughing. Coughing happens anyway every quarter to half mile and slows me down. Whatever.)

I've got to sit down and create a new training schedule. Despite the minimal running of the last several weeks, my legs still feel good and I think the ten miles I'm planning for Sunday a.m. should be no problem. As long as I take the time to warm up first. :)

Okay, ice is done. Time for some food and a shower.

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