November 1, 2006

i'm still here

I know it's been a whle since I've posted; I've just been hellaciously busy. I've had to choose between sleeping, eating, or running over the last few weeks and, yes, my running dropped off to nearly zero. Once I'd made the decision not to run NY, I was able to concentrate on work a lot easier and my stress went way down.

But I am back on the running trails and I'm happy about that. I got in five on Monday and about three today. Today got cut short for running-related reasons, but NOT pain or injury. More about that some other time.

The ongoing physical therapy is working nicely and except for some very minor knee pain and some odd ankle pain, my legs feel great. My lungs are in better shape than they were three weeks ago, as I was able to take the hills in Central Park Monday, and that just might be because of the extended rest and, consequently, more time put into my medicines.

I'm posting tonight to announce that I am definitely running Houston in January and that I'm going to be raising funds for charitable cause. The Boomer Esiason Foundation has finally launched Team Boomer and I will be running for them in Houston. They do have some runners already in the NY Marathon, so be on the lookout for the Team Boomer logo!

I'm really happy that a CF-specific athletics group has been formed and I hope to be an active part of it. Look for me running around Central and Prospect parks wearing the nifty training jersey with the logo. I don't think I'll be wearing the shorts they sent, though, as...well, I'd be stepping into a grey area with them. They are so very short and my running boxer-briefs will show quite a bit. Not that that bothers ME, mind you, but it might cause some of YOU to go blind.

Moving on:

Expo weekend starts tomorrow. I'll be on the registration and help side for three days, so drop by, find me, say hi. I know you have to come by to get your bibs.... I'll also be out on Staten Island the morning of and will be greeting y'all in the park, probably as part of handing out bagels or helping you find your bag. It's going to be an incredibly active four days. Since I'm not running, this is all I can do...

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Laurie said...

Excellent choice to volunteer at the NYC Marathon. I did the same thing with my race that I had signed up for and could not race due to injury. I had an amazing experience.

Thank you for volunteering!