October 2, 2006

Congratulations Steve!

I want to let all of my regular readers know that one of my readers and fellow lung-impaired athlete, Steve Waxler of San Francisco, managed to complete the Portland Marathon yesterday!!!

This is a HUGE deal. Steve suffers from severe and persistent asthma, and I think COPD, too. His lung function is often worse than mine and in fact he recently had an episode that landed him in the hospital for a few days. Yet he bounced back enough to take on a full marathon and perservered and crossed the finish line. This was his first marathon.

So stop on by Steve's blog at http://baycitywalker.blogspot.com/. He doesn't have a race report up just yet, but you can read bout his pre-race jitters. :) Also, be sure to leave him a note of congrats; if anybody I've ever known deserves a pat on the back and a free beer for this accompllishment, it's he.

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Anonymous said...

You're to kind cris..Coming from you , that means a lot.
(Actually my last name isn't Waxler , but thats Ok)