September 24, 2006

A last deck jog

September 22, 2006

I didn't do too badly this week: four runs, three on deck, one on land. The best run was on land, in Sitka. The deck jogging has its own challenges, chiefly the rolling of the deck and the other people on deck.

Friday the 22nd, I was going to go out and run on deck in the morning. I felt pretty crappy - too much unfamiliar foods - and the deck would be crowded later, I knew. But after talking to my sister, who also wanted to run, we decided to do it right after the On Deck For The Cure event, a 5K walk benefitting the Susan G Komen Foundation. This is a cause both my mother and sister have worked for and with mom being a cancer survivor it was a cinch. In fact, it was I that pointed the event out to them early on. So we all did this together, even with my non-athletic sister Becca, though sadly without other three male members of the family. Dad, I understand, can't walk that far and neither can my 4-year-old nephew, but I do wish Dad had watched Aidan and let brother-in-law Bill walk with us.

Loads of people on deck for this walk and it took about an hour. Rachel and I got going finally on our run - we planned five miles - but I just wasn't warmed up and by the time I did, the leg pains were back. It was turning out to be a bad run and I didn't want to push things, so we cut it short at 2 miles.

All of the next day (yesterday), I hurt. Not just knees and legs, but practically everywhere. Why, I don't know. My non-running sister and I had the day free in Seattle, so we went to the Space Needle and Pike Market, both of which were a lot of fun. Pike Market has the best and freshest fruit I've ever seen and I bought a giant peach and a load of figs. On my way back through Seattle from this next week, I'll try to get back to the market and get some tuna, which looked really good and they can ship it in a 48-hour pack. And, of course, more peaches.

So, yes, I should have woken up with the sun this morning and gone for a run in the fresh Seattle air, but I am feeling wiped out. How strange is it that a week of vacation can be so tiring?

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Lora said...

You need a vacation from your vacation!!!!