August 7, 2006

I am sore in a good way

NYFlyGirl left a comment that completely puzzled me ("nice job-way to smash that PR!!"). That is, uuntil I looked closer at my spreadsheet and re-sorted the pivot table (why the pivot table can't sort itself and spit out the PRs page correctly I'll never know). As it turns out, yesterday's five-miler was the first 5 mile race I've run since my VERY FIRST road race, a Turkey Trot in Prospect Park two years ago. It seems like forever... But can that be? Sure there've been a lot of 4 milers and 10Ks, but I guess a 5 mile race is pretty rare. And yeah, I did PR. Heh. Still, I've got to get faster than a 9:40 pace if I'm going to break 2 hours at Staten Island in October.

My quads are killing me today. Fortunately, I have plenty of opportunity to move and squat and bend and stretch and lift with them and work out the kinks, since I'm still continuing the moving process. This involves numerous handyman type jobs and a couple of trips to Home Depot. I am proud of my electrical and plumbing skills; we'll shortly see if my painting skills are up to snuff. By the way, bathtub resurfacing proves it: you really can shine shit!

One of my tasks today was to get to Home Depot and pick up various items, including four pallets that will go in the back of the garden for the shed to sit on. I rented a truck there to get them and all my other stuff home with. I have found that the two people running the tool rental desk at Home Depot are the only non-retards in the store - they approach things intelligently. Faced with two customers needing the same truck - one of whom had pre-loaded the truck in hopes of "claiming" it before handing over the credit card - they asked where we were going and how much stuff we were delivering. I won: I'm less than a mile away and had one trip to make. The other guys, who spoke no English, had also overloaded the truck with fifty 60-pound bags of sand and concrete. the truck can only handle 1500 pounds. The Home Depot gods made them unload the entire truck and hand it over to me, whereupon I loaded up my stuff, dropped it off at home, and had the truck back in 30 minutes. Then, for the second time, they had to reload the truck with quickcrete. One of the rental employees was standing watch as I left by bicycle, probably to make sure they didn't overload the truck again. Sometimes, not being a retard has its privileges.

Tomorrow will have to be another early-rising day. I have to get in six miles before 8 a.m. I am expecting two deliveries and these aren't the kind you can just leave a note saying "leave between door and screen door" or anything. It's nice that Staples delivers furniture for free, but their delivery policy is pretty strict.

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