July 30, 2006

I am a voul poet

As I sit and stay in concourse A on my way to BNA (subject to flight delay), I'd thought I'd say a word about today. Hot and humid? Fuckin'-A! Not a good weekend to run or play. One would think 6 a.m. would be A-OK, but no way, Jose. This morning's run was no par-tay. It was, like, too much for the ol' lungs, eh?

Today, to god I prayed: just get me through. The legs were stiff through mile two, but then finally loose'd; they would, I knew. They even agreed to carry me through mile six or seven, if I asked them to - an improvement from Friday's 6.02 - and shin pains banished, too! Woo-hoo!

But the lungs, the lungs, the lungs, you see; sometimes the lungs do NOT agree with the schedules and stress imposed on me. But let's see: I notched a goose egg yesterdee; so had to run sometime todee. And given a flight to carry me to Nashville for some load-in thing, I had to rise muy early. This is wise, said I to me, at 6 a.m., how hot could it be? Mid-70's at most, most probably. The joke was on me: 80 degrees and 55 humidity.

I know, that doesn't sound too high; but just try it with MY lungs, wise guy. The upshot was that though I tried, my run had walk breaks, four or five. The hills, for certain, made me sigh; what seemed flip on Fri now felt a mile high. Another factor: passing time. I needed a shower, let my hair dry; therapy takes 45 (minutes) or so, charge my phone before the battery died, check email and send replies.... all of this by 8:35, when the car arrived.

And so I wrap my run of woe, from top o' the park to 4th ave below, around the 'hood, coughing as I go (great big green ones today, you know). Short of six miles, which was my goal, 4.5 was what finally showed on my Nike thing once I was home. This heat definitely has me slowed - 10:53 miles, what a joke! No medal today...but tomorrow: GOLD!


Lora said...

Wow--thanks for the entertainment!! How many other talents do you have hidden away??

Steve said...

That was freakin beautiful man...