July 2, 2006

I am true to my word

What is it about tennis that fascinates me so? I don't play it and it's pretty boring watching it live, but this Wimbledon coverage has been great... too bad about Agasi retiring, but I suppose everyone has to at some point. Hey, I have an idea: maybe he could run the New York Marathon!

True to yesterday's vow, I went out and did the six-miler. typical 6.7 mile loop, though perhaps 6.3 got run, and all in 80 minutes. I had a very hard time getting going today; the humidity seemed to be back and my lungs weren't having any of it. In the first three miles, I had to walk four times. However, the last three miles, including the big uphill in Prospect Park, flowed very well, if a little slow, and were run continuously, steadily, and smoothly, which was the point of today's workout. I'm not happy the first half wasn't steady pacing, but the last half was good. Lungs were really having to work today and at the speed I was running, they shouldn't have had to work that hard. That bothers me.

Good news is, the therapy of the last week and the new stretching exercises I've been given are already paying off. NO SHIN PAIN. Only minor tightness in the IT bands and I took care of that with a little more stretching.

Part of today's success may be attributed to consciously rising earlier, fueling properly, bringing hydration (though I didn't drink much of it), and tossing back an Enduralyte before the workout. It was a measured, steadily paced pre-run routine and it paid off I think.

My running shoes are really breaking in nicely and I'm very happy with them. The teal still looks a little ghey, but I don't care enough to take a Sharpie to the colorful bits. Maybe they just need more dirt! And after just a couple days of adjustment pains last week, the orthotics also feel good; in fact, better than they did before Dr. Maharam's repairs.

The run really took it out of me, though. After sucking down some Reoverite, I laid on my bed to do some opportunistic IT band stretching...and woke up an hour later. Damn. Now, if I could just tear my attention away from Murray v Roddick, I have to get on with my day. Tomorrow is a rest day and Tuesday I have a running date. Yep, I'm meeting someone in Central Park for a quick three-miler.


Chelly said...

I should be in Central Park on Tuesday too. Sometime a little before noon. Say hi if you see me. :)

nyflygirl said...

ooh a running date. very exciting :)

Lora said...

YAY for no shin pain!!!