July 25, 2006

3.4 miles

Woke up yesterday morning with residual soreness from Sunday's long run. Nothing major, just a nice reminder that I really got some training done. As the day wore on the soreness increased, instead of going away. So I didn't push it yesterday and didn't run.

This morning, I headed out for a five-mile run. It was very difficult on my legs - partly from working out the stiffness and soreness (yeah yeah, I know....more stretching!) and partly from the steadily increasing heat of the day. Damn. So it worked out, due to running out of time, to another 3.4 mile run.

I was also disappointed not to be able to calibrate my Nike thing today. I figured to set it to calibrate 3.35 miles - the distance around the Prospect Park loop. Found out it only calibrates on distances from .25 to 1.25 miles or 400 meters. So I guess I'll be headed to Central Park for tomorrow's run. I think four loops of the reservoir, concentrating on steady pacing at a given pace (I'll shoot for 9:30 miles) will be appropriate and, using the markers, I can calibrate the Nike thing too.

Anyway, wrapped up today's run pretty well; legs stopped being sore and tight after getting up to the park and then stretching for some time. The run home was a lot easier and not just because it was downhill - I used the downhills to concentrate on a longer stride (not necessarily a quicker pace) and on good downhill running form. Then I ran across on 4th ave trying to keep the same stride length. This 1.7 miles turned out to be a great little workout - a real challenge - and I'm glad to have had a chance to concentrate once again on form and stride length, something I neglect all too often.

Finally, a huge congrats to Beast for finishing the Ironman Lake Placid on Sunday!

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