June 30, 2006

Positive Friday

5 miles today. 5! Somehow, this felt like a total victory. I mean, dealing with the shin splints and now therapy and the new training schedule sort of reinforcing a slow-down...but today was a five-miler. And not only that, but I got up extra early so I could go to Central Park and do the run before my therapy session. Now THAT is an indicator I'm finally getting back into marathon training mode. It was THAT kind of get-up-and-go that led to a very successful Staten Island Half last year.

The run itself was so-so. First three miles were pretty hard on the legs, but not terrible. I would not even say that those miles sucked. Legs got loose and warm for the last two miles, by which time my air-trapping had decided to make an appearance. But at least the run was steady and complete. Lots of stretching, of course, before and afer.

Running in Central Park can expose a runner to many new and unusual sights. I have a number of stories, but today's is one I'll remember: about mile four, I passed a woman coming the other way who was running in her bra. Not a sports bra, her regular white underwire, full-cup, thin-straps, lacy-edges bra. She was carrying her shirt. Other than that, completely normal serious runner look; body like a trained greyhound, smooth motion, all that. And nobody batted an eye.

I felt good enough about the run that I almost went out again after work. But errands beckoned and time is short: I couldn't skip the errands. So...six miles is on the plan for tomorrow with an easy 3, or some cross-training, for Sunday. Yeah, baby, this IS my bag!


Chelly said...

Congrats on your "positive Friday". I finally got off my duff today after taking an unscheduled week off from all exercise and did 17 miles on my bike. You and I should both sleep good tonight. :)

Steve said...

Yes, I've experienced similar sights while walking through Golden Gate Park.