June 5, 2006


I still haven't had a chance to put together a new training schedule, much less START one. This weekend came and went without a run. That's all right, though, as I got a ton of things done, made some coin, and it rained all weekend anyway. Of more concern was a small concertina chord of aches and pains from the waste down. I couldn't climb a ladder with a lighting unit without knee pain. Seemed like half my joints and a quarter of my muscles hurt in various ways, none of them symmetrical, usual, or even lasting. I don't know what's going on with my legs anymore.

Got in two new pairs of the Champion underwear I like so much. Now I have almost more than one complete set of running clothes - just need some more shorts. Should be a sale coming up at Paragon pretty soon.

My nutrient shake has gotten even better since I switched from vanilla to vanilla/chocolate ice cream. I had the bright idea of buying packs of the individual ice cream cups in order to more easily get the ice cream out of the containers and into the blender (just heat the cup under running water first). Very tasty. I am considering starting to add the contents of my vitamin pills to the shake instead of swallowing them. They are giant pills and blending them would be easier than swallowing them.

Gotta get to bed early tonight - another marathon dance day tomorrow. Had one this last Saturday, with a load in, brief tech, and 44 short dance pieces AND strike all in 13 hours. Yes, it was just a dance recital; no, it wasn't exactly the Joyce. But I did a good job with what I had, brought a lot of production value to the event, and enjoyed myself tremendously. If asked, I will do it again next year. Tomorrow's event is considerably more professional in nature and will be done at the Alvin Ailey theater. I have only a few hours to cue ten dance pieces. Then we do a dress rehearsal and do the show that night and Wednesday night. I think - unless I'm mistaken - I have this whole upcoming weekend off. I am going to SLEEP. Then I'm going to run, hopefully seven to eight miles. And I'm going to get my motorcycle half put back together. Still don't have the tank and fenders repainted yet, but there's a lot of other work to be done still.

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Lora said...

Your nutrient shake is ICE CREAM??? What, in Gods name am I missing here??????