February 5, 2006


I'm coming to realize that this blog is as much a journal of my lungs' health as it is of my running. Not surprising, since the two things are very closely related, eh?

Quick update: ze Septra, it does nuzink! (you have to read that in the voice of Atom Man from The Simpsons -- "ze goggles! zey do nuzink!) I have come to believe that the lab screwed up and sent the wrong person's results in my name back in January, so I've essentially been taking a sulfa drug that treats nothing I've got. The new sputum culture, I'm sure, will show a raging case of pseudomonos, which is what I usually culture. We'll know Monday. At this point, IVs are a sure thing, it only remains which two drugs I'll be on (two is standard procedure).

As for the lungs, they are not good. I am beginning to feel like my brief life as a runner has been nothing but a dream. The possibility of getting trained up for even a decent half-marathon in time for Nashville seems remote at best, but I know that after two-three weeks on IVs, I should be feeling better and have a brighter outlook. My first "big goal" once I can resume jogging is to get to three continuous miles. It's funny how that was the first big goal the FIRST time around, after no running for a decade. And that took six weeks. I only hope that, somehow, the body will remember and be able to train up a little faster this time.

NYFlyGirl posted pics of herself running the first mile of the Manhattan Half, so I went looking for mine. They're not bad, if a little dorky. Didn't seem like shorts weather to ME, dear lady!


nyflygirl said...

everyone's different. i get freakishly hot when running :) 10 degrees warmer and it would have been singlet weather.

hope you're back up and running (no pun intended) soon!!

Lora said...

But a cute Dork!! :)