February 13, 2006

i don't remember doing this

So I get an email from Brightroom: your Kleinerman 10K photos are online.


What 10K? I don't remember running any 10K. Seriously, tho I rack my brain, nothing sooner than the Healthy Kidney 10K comes to mind, and that was seven months ago. So I go look at the pictures:

Nope, not ringing a bell. Clearly I was at this event, but when did I run this? Pre- or post-lung-distress? Well, it's obviously winter in these photos, and I really like the way I look in number 2 there, and from number 3 I was pretty obviously jogging as I crossed the finish line. So WHEN did this happen??

I finally broke down and scrolled through my blog archives and finally found this post and then everything became clear. How could I forget?! This was that tough, but pleasant enough 10K after which I met the blogging crowd. Wow...Brightroom is really behind.

And is it just me, or do I really not have much of a neck?


Steve said...

Wow..You do so many events that you actually forget some of them? Awesome

nyflygirl said...

how could you forget? :-p

this was actually the 2nd email i got from brightroom with the Kleinerman pics...i did get one back in December, this one i guess is the "last chance to purchase" email. like i'd ever pay for something i can nab for free ;)

partyrunner said...

you have a neck. ;-)

and by the way, just reading your response to my response re: diabetes (sorry for delay). that's awseome that you're involved in that. inhaled insulin sounds amazing