December 8, 2005

I am redeemed

Tuesday's 5-miler didn't go as planned.  Wound up cutting it short at 4 miles; partly because I felt pressed for time and partly because my lungs just wouldn't cooperate.  Neither would my legs.  I don't get it.

Spent the last couple of days concentrating on getting in stretching and weights and some foam rolling.  It seems to have helped a little bit.  This morning's 5-miler (I did the whole thing this time!) was a lot easier on my lungs, though it got more difficult in the second half.  My legs also felt better, though I know that's the effect of the ibuprofen I took beforehand - which is a cheat.  It means I'm not feeling what's really going on down there and I'll pay for it later.  But I have to be in New Jersey tomorrow morning and don't know if I'll get the required run in.  

This morning's run was the coldest yet this season:  22 degrees, according the the weather widget on my desktop.  Funny, it didn't feel much colder than Tuesday's run, which was at about 34 degrees.  I guess it's because the streets and sidewalks were almost clear of ice and snow and the foot placement was easier, leading to a better rhythm and making it easier to keep warm!  I did not, however, take off those overgloves!

It was exciting to read about PartyRunner's Las Vegas Marathon experience.  As well, it was nice to get a mention for my training spreadsheets in Danny's Rundown this week.

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