December 20, 2005

I am ... a biathlete?

Let's here it for cardiovascular fitness! Woo-hoo!!!

Now let's here some jeers for the striking MTA workers. 10% raise my ass, not when even the lowliest platform scrubber makes $47,000 a year base plus required offers of overtime. Fuck them.

Last night I had thought I would be heroic and do a brick. Run five this morning (or run-walk as the case may be), and then commute to work on my crappy little 10-speed. This morning, realizing I've never actually bicycled more than six miles straight, I thougth I should save my legs for the bike ride ahead and skipped the run.

I got a workout in anyway! By my GPS, the bicycle route to work is 11.9 miles and I did that in two hours - a half hour was lost in having to WALK the bike across the Brooklyn Bridge and in stopping for some flashing LEDs for tonight's ride home. I was annoyed by the cops on the bridge telling bicyclists to get off and walk - it was 11:00 and traffic was pretty light. Seems to me the cops are actually compounding the problems of getting around, as usual.

I think if I did this ride regularly, I could get it down to about an hour, which is what the subway commute is and what the motorcycle route is on a bad day.

Hoping to get some good work done before tonight's ride home. I may take the Manhattan bridge for that.


Yvonne said...

Damn straight, fuck 'em. Especially when the rest of us who live in the real world work 10-12 hour days with no O/T and we'll probably have to retire at 68 or 73 or something ridiculous. Not to mention they all have total job security. GRRRRRRRRRRRRR

Uptown Girl said...

I am in total agreement over being pissed at these people. The audacity to think it's "unfair" to have to pay a fraction for what they receive....damn. I don't know about you but I work long hours and don't get to retire at 55.

At least I'm getting my runs in now...though 7-8 miles a day is going to get exhausting!

Beast said...

Next time ride the north side of the Manhattan Bridge. It's relatively empty and reserved for cyclist. You can blast over it.