October 12, 2005

start of the taper

Schedule called for the beginning of the taper; 3 miles this morning. Though I'm putting in some very late nights, I got up and did it.

Actually, I was supposed to run Monday, but had no time, so Tuesday a.m. had to do. I'll next run Thursday and Friday, then the Staten Island Half on Sunday!

This morning's run felt pretty good. Decided to go up to Prospect Park and back, so the run was probably closer to four miles than three. Still, I'm getting some of my lungs back (I'm on cipro and double TOBI at the moment) and my feet felt good. The climb up to the park didn't have me distressed; just pleasantly stressed. I even settled into a two-in, two-out breathing rhythm and it was comfortable! My pace was also good, especially on the return trip.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the next three runs are as good.

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partyrunner said...

i'll keep my fingers crossed as well. good luck sunday, as well as for the rest of the week!