October 3, 2005

new five mile route

I did a five mile run this afternoon. It was far more difficult than I anticipated, probably because my legs were still tired from yesterday, though not sore, which I was thankful for.

The route I chose was new to me, heading out towards the Verazanno Bridge from my house and keeping down towards the water, so I ran mostly third and second avenues into higher and higher street numbers. I passed a number of useful-to-know places, including my nearest post office, which happens to be two blocks away. (Yet another advantage of moving!) I also passed a large Costco, a number of little delis and coffee shops, a large number of wholesale-only type warehouses, though one was selling Timberlines out the front door apparently to the public at wholesale prices.

I took the Forerunner today, as I had no desire to go long by accident, and I wanted to tick off some landmarks as mile markers. As I got to the second mile out, I came to a place where 2nd ave stopped and the road crossed over some expressway I haven't traveled before. Off that, was a small, tree-lined residential road that quickly ended in a path leading past a park, a Millenium Skate Park, and farther down, ended in a nice quarter-mile loop with a steep, short hill. My Forerunner's batteries gave out, but not before I noted that the far side of the loop put me at 2.5 miles exactly -- so the whole route out and back is five miles on the button. I'll try to confirm this with gmaps pedometer later.

Another new thing: my e-caps order came in today and I not only got some HEED to take with me (better than Gatorade for sure), but also some Recoverite to try out. We'll see the long-term effects of it. So far, I like the taste; it should be a helpful after-workout drink.

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