October 1, 2005

BAM! Back on schedule.

I'm happy with today's run. Did a PT session this morning with snarky Amy, who was actually in a good mood even though every single patient was late - she seems to look forward to the challenge of seeing the hordes of pre-ING Marathon patients that are beginning to flood the schedule.

As I was leaving, she asked me about next week's schedule, which I hadn't scheduled yet. So she jumped my case about that; wants me to nail down a month's worth of schedule because October is booking fast. Good advice!

Got out afterward and into Central Park. Schedule called for five and that's exactly what I ran, doing the loop, but taking the 102nd street cross, instead of the north hills. That shortcut is a rarity for me. I believe in the no pain, no gain mantra when it comes to hills.

Legs still felt heavy; lungs not cooperating fully. Coughing a lot. Have decided to give my CF doc a call on Monday, see if I can get on some Levaquin while they cook a culture. I'm pretty sure I'm culturing something that's gunking me up more than normal.

But the run itself was, overall, pretty good. COLD, though. Not, like, Jack Frost Run cold. Certainly still 50 degrees away from that January 22nd 7-mile Frostbite. But with the temps in the low 50s for the first time in months -- it was a little chilly. I threw my hoodie on over my summer running clothes and found myself fairly comfortable, though I think it's time to dig out the running hat and stretchy gloves.

Man, I do love this weather. Come on October. I'm ready for ya.

And lastly, to Wil: your friend lacks belief because success seems like a myth until success has been tasted. It is difficult to breathe rarified air - nay, even to believe rarified air exists - until one has taken one good lungful.

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