September 8, 2005

Foot Music

I don't run with music. The book said not to, so I didn't; now I don't.

But I did have a little MP3 player that I had a whole bunch of running tunes stored up on, which I'd listen to on the way to races or on the way home from work to get jazzed up for that evening's run.

I'm 60% through with packing for a move and though I've been looking for it, I haven't found that MP3 player, sadly. My iPod is too big and heavy to carry with me while running, and too expensive to leave in a bag; not optimal. The Shuffle, while fitting a budget and practically MADE for runners, doesn't have a screen and has no ability to switch playlists.

Well, Apple came out with the Nano yesterday, a damn-near perfect compromise of size, function, and portability, and I purchased one with some money I got on eBay selling off shit I don't need that I refuse to pack away for the move! (You knew this would come full circle, right? Thanks to selling stuff I don't want to take to the new apartment, I have a replacement for the one item I DID want to find.)

The neat thing is, if you order from the right page, you can get engraving on the back, sort of personalize it. I got mine:


partyrunner said...

oooh i saw that new ipod. i'm intrigued. i don't run with music but if i did, that little thing looks snazzy. tell me if you like it.
and good luck with move.

Brooklyn said...

I'll certainly post a review when the time comes.

I forgot to mention that the reason I'm getting a run-able iPod even though I don't run while listening, is because if I want to listen to music on the way to the park or whatnot, then I have to carry the player the rest of the time -- might as well be lightweight AND functional. Right?