September 19, 2005

easy, relaxed recovery run

Woke up this morning with sore leg muscles. It is probable that yesterday's 10-miler was at the kind of pace I think it was and my muscles are letting me know it. That and the moving of many heavy boxes of books, of course - my legs are shot today.

So I did the scheduled five-mile as a "recovery" run. Took it real easy. Stopped and stretched when I felt like it; didn't push the pace; waited for lights to change rather than tack on a lateral block; hell, I even walked a few yards up the big hill in the park!

My legs didn't feel too bad - not as light as yesterday - and the soreness quickly left. In fact, if I'm left with any soreness, it isn't in my knees or hamstrings, it's in my quads today. That puzzles me.

No biggie though - I feel great! I hope this string of good runs and feeling great afterwards keeps up. Maybe I'm finally starting to discover the joy of running?

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