July 27, 2005

Red Hook Detour

Hot again, this morning, and hazy. 80 degrees, 70 percent humidity. I extended my run this morning a little bit, going over a pedestrian bridge across the BQE and into Red Hook. I crossed Ft. Hamilton at the McDonald's a few minutes later. I think perhaps I extended the route by a 1/2 mile. So... 3 miles and change for the run. Not too bad. Felt pretty good; didn't have time after to ice my knees, unfortunately, and I didn't get it done at PT, either.

I'll have to look more in Red Hook. It's way off the beaten path, but seems interesting. This, after all, is where Arthur Miller set A View From The Bridge and is thus a touchstone location for American theatre.

BTW, I shaved my beard off after the run. I look very strange to myself!

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