May 17, 2005

Aargh! 26.2 miles down to TWO???

Second run post-marathon. The knee pain after the first run (Saturday) stuck around for two days. I thought it was done, but it was back after a mile and a half today. I don't really know what I'm doing wrong, or if I'm just not taking enough recovery time. Perhaps my recovery should entail MORE workout - on the bike!

I bought new shoes yesterday. Come to find out that the New Balance men's 991s are made in several different widths. I was not apprised of this at Paragon when I first bought my running shoes. So I found a store that had the narrower width in stock and tried them on. They felt good immediately. Certainly they still have their padding left, whereas my 360+ mile old shoes don't...but I think I'll get more support out of this narrower size.

I still think I need to consult a doctor, if nothing else than to make sure I'm not doing something stupid in my running stride or footwear choice.


Chelle said...

The 991's are great shoes. And new shoes make a huge difference in terms of avoiding injury.

Brooklyn said...

Chelle, thanks for the words of support in this and the other posts, too. It's good to get the advice and wisdom of a way more experienced runner.

I should look into Philadelphia marathon, I guess. Right now, though, my sight is very short-term. A trip to Texas at the end of this month, another trip in late June, work in between, and just trying to slowly build the weekly mileage back up to about 30 miles a week. I guess I do need to just PICK a marathon, though, so I can build a training schedule and get started!

Chelle said...

The nice thing about Philly is that you can always keep it in the back of your mind and decide to do it at the last minute. It comes after New York, so it's convenient if you need just a little extra time to get ready.