March 12, 2005

This week in running...

Somehow I missed chronicleing Wednesday's 4-miler and yesterday's 7-miler. I took Monday and Tuesday off, as I was getting a show put together and the weather was too bad to run in when I wasn't at the theatre, though it nicely cleared up for a chilly but pleasant 4-mile run on Wednesday. This is the third week in a row that I've done two days off and I know I can't afford to keep doing that.

The 4-miler was OK. Not great, not bad. I keep thinking I'll take the subway to the park, do the laps and then run downhill and finish at home, but it never works out that way. In order to stay warm, I simply run up the hill first and take the subway home while I cool down and stretch. But I wanted to end on a high note, so I simpy went up and down the slope twice, pausing only to hydrate and take off a layer of shirt after the first round-trip.

Yesterday's 7 miles almost got cut short. While not too stressful, I have some pain in my right foot which started quickly, got pretty intense and forced me to slow to a walk. I tried re-tying my shoe, but that didn't help. Finally, the pain settled down to an ache and I ran the rest of the way, though I'm paying for it today. I only walked up hill once, not the second time around the park and I'm happy with that. I hope the foot pain is NOT present for tomorrow's half-marathon!

The doctors have me on Levequin, an antibiotic. It may be my imagination, or just the warmer weather we had yesterday, but my breathing was easier, if not as good as its been in the past. I hope the Levequin continues to help and that I can get back to a more disciplined schedule with more continuous running.

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