March 15, 2005

Injuries? Dammit.

For only the second time, I cut my run short today. I hate doing that; I feel like a quitter. But the pain in my right foot has not gone away and is getting worse. It's not too bad downhill or uphill, but on the flats it really flares and it also bothers me off and on throughout the day. Today's run, I got to 2.3 miles and I just realized what a phenomenally stupid thing it might be to continue running with this kind of warning signal.

I'm going to an NYRR lecture tonight on running injuries and hope to ask some questions there. I also still have the referral for the foot doctor from my insurance, so I may call tomorrow for an appointment. If necessary, I can cross-train with rollerblades and bicycle to keep up the cardiovascular workouts while this injury heals. I would like to run the Coney Island half marathon this weekend, but don't know if that will happen -- certainly not if my foot isn't feeling better by Friday.

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