March 29, 2005

The difficulty of hills

I'm not talking about real hills. I can handle those. I'm talking about the hills in the quality of training. I find it insane that I can lump out over 17 miles one day, but can't handle 5 the next.

Not that today's 5 was terrible -- I've had worse runs. But between my lungs not cooperating, the high humidity, the high wind, and my aching right calf, I had a difficult run. Slowed to a walk three times, though not for long each time. I didn't feel like I *had* to push it...just wished I could've finished this one without walking. My right calf was telling me to take it easy. The hardest thing is to get going after a little walking; that takes real effort.

It was supposed to be sunny today, but the sun didn't come out 'til long after my run. Instead, it was overcast and cloudy, though warm and humid (mid-50s). The trees, concrete, and rocks all were verdant with revived moss, no doubt thanks to the record-setting rainfall we received yesterday. The rain held off today 'til I was about five blocks from home, then it started to rain again. No big deal, actually; it didn't bother me.

I hope I can get in 8 tomorrow afternoon or (if my calf doesn't feel better by then), a good solid 8 on Thursday is a must.

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KimsRunning said...

March is read. Now I want some develed eggs!!! LOL
Good night for now!