January 11, 2005

Here we go...

Today's run was to be 3 miles, did the whole Park loop, which I have finally found out is 3.35 miles. There's a 10-miler on Valentine's Day that's 3 loops that I'm thinking of signing up for. Anyway, about halfway down, near the lake, I'm just in a state of high stress, at least equal to sunday's first couple of miles. Will the first two ever get any easier? by the end, however,, I was down to a more maneagable stress level, at a proper exertion. breath-out 3 steps, breath-in 2 steps. Running rather quickly. Time for the loop was 35:33, which is almost exactly an 11 m/m pace. Again, not that I worry about pace, but its interesting to keep track.

I need to sit down and enter the planned distances into my calendar so I have a schedule and can finish reading the book again and then send it on to Mom. I want to get involved in more organized races as they are convenient to the schedule.

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