January 7, 2005

Don't forget to stretch!

Ran during the daytime. Intended four honest miles, completed at least four, probably 4 1/4 or 4 1/2, though wasn't able to continue straight through. Had to stop and walk and stretch three times. After the first three miles, though, the run became easier. I ran up to the park, did the loop, then ran down to the grocery store, and walked home from there.

Because of the pain I was experiencing, I was tempted to cut the run short, but I didn't. I completed the run, though at times my stress level was high and I wasn't sure I wasn't inviting damage. This was not a good run.

The main pain was in my feet and ankles in a way that suggests I didn't stretch enough during the last two days, nor immediately before the run. At the bottom of the park, I took some time to stretch again, and realized I'd forgotten one of my regular stretches. After the stretching, I felt much better and the rest of the run was OK. I exited the park this time at the 3rd street exit and ran over to 9th, then down. Not sure I liked that. Something about the long asphalt area that connects my usual entrance to the loop makes for a nice mental end to the park portion of the run.

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