June 12, 2005


It's been three solid weeks now with no running. I've been wearing the temporary orthotics Dr. Maharam gave me and will start therapy this coming week, too. I hope to be back running very soon.

In the meantime, I've been on vacation -- and since my running shoes were lost in transit by UPS until today the lack of running was semi-enforced and my vacation has truly been one of R&R. I'm kickin' it on the beach in South Padre and preparing for my return to New York via motorcycle. Then it's back to business, work, and all the rest -- including running, I hope. I have no wish to jeapordize my healing knees by doing something stupid before going to therapy and having Dr. Maraham look over the orthotics.

However, I do feel in limbo. I guess most of the physical conditioning has slipped away now, though my mental conditioning remains intact, I believe. And I think the physical should come back more easily this time, once I'm back in training. Whether I will be ready for a fall marathon or not remains to be seen.

My sister wants to do Phoenix in February. I'm not up for that, I don't think --too hot, even in Feb. And my broker wants me to come out to Las Vegas and do that one -- again, no dice. But I hear Philly's marathon isn't exactly fantastic and I don't think I made the lottery for New York. So I don't know...maybe once I'm back in training, I'll simply work out a very LONG training period for the next Flying Pig or something and in training concentrate not only on long-distance endurance, but starting to get shorter times and a more consistent training schedule, one with four days a week this time, instead of simply every-other-day. If I can knock this knee thing, I believe I can start getting in the right balance of increased mileage, speed workouts, and all the other consideration that go with the next big goal: a sub-five marathon, perhaps even a sub 4:45!

And don't tell anyone this, but I've decided I'm going to lose the beard sometime soon and perhaps even my long hair. It's been a pain in the butt here in South Padre, with all the water and wind, and it would make running a little easier, too. I'll think about it.